Credit Application

TERMS: The Customer and the Indemnitor jointly and severally agree with Coast that, in consideration of Coast granting credit to the Customer:

1. The Customer and the Indemnitor will pay Coast for all purchases on the Customer’s account (“Account’) plus any interest on the previous unpaid balance as shown on the Monthly Statement of Account, within thirty (30) days of the statement date. Interest on overdue amounts will be payable at the rate of 26.823% per year before and after judgment

2. The Customer and the Indemnitor agrees to indemnify and pay Coast for all losses, costs, any other expenses and fees arising from, or related to, purchases made on the Account and efforts to collect payment for those purchases.

3. Coast may charge to the credit card accounts shown above any amount overdue or the amount of any dishonoured cheque presented in payment, plus service charge.

4. The Customer and the Indemnitor consent to a credit investigation being made by anyone on behalf of Coast or by Coast itself including the investigation and exchange of credit reports. The Customer and the Indemnitor authorize Coast to obtain such credit reports and other information relating to the Customer and the Indemnitor from any persons or bureaus concerning performance under this Agreement. The Customer and the Indemnitor authorize Coast and it’s agents to disclose their personal information provided herein for purposes of obtaining credit reports, records or other credit information as contemplated herein, for purposes of collecting debt owed to Coast and for purposes of instructing a third party to collect any debt owed by the Customer or the Indemnitor to Coast.

5. Any purchase order or contract delivered by the Customer to Coast shall be subject to the terms of this Credit Agreement and shall not include any variation of any of the terms of this Credit Agreement or any additional terms unless specifically agreed to in writing by the credit manager of Coast.

6. The Customer agrees to advice COAST within 10 days of receipt of the invoices about any disputes or discrepancies. Failure to do so shall constitute it to be accurate and accepted by the Customer.